Trowelex is known to have the best selection and price of Western Rugged Tarps for sale in the West Kootenay.  We carry a wide variety of sizes, and grades, and always have stock available.   Contact our sales team to find out more.

In order to find the right tarp, you must also take into consideration the grade.  Our tarps are coloured according to their construction grade, so selection is easy.  Below is a breakdown of the grades of tarps:

Blue – Light Duty Grade, 4 mil, 8×8 weave polyethylene

White or Camoflage – Light/Medium Duty, 6 mil, 10×10 weave polyethylene

Black – Medium Duty, 8 mil, 14×14 weave polyethylene

Green top / Silver bottom – Heavy Duty, 9 mil, 14×14 weave polyethylene

Silver – Super Duty, 12 mil, 16×16 weave polyethylene.

Please Download the Tarps catalog to see what is available. (Please note we do not stock the ‘Clear’ grade tarp.  By order only)

Size range on Poly tarps: 8’x8′ up to 100’x100′ in stock.  Please contact us for price and availability.  We also have grommets that can be placed anywhere.  Perfect for replacing worn ones, or to have one where you need it!

We carry Insulated Tarps!  Our insulated tarps are 10’x20′, or depending on supplier, 12’x20′.  New and used available for sale or rent.

Looking for Canopies?  We can do that too!  Please download the Canopies Catalog for more information, and contact us for a quote!  Please note that we no longer rent pop up tents or canopies.