Frequently Asked Questions:

Are masks mandatory at your location?

Effective 12:01am March 11, 2022, the Provincial Health Order requiring masks to be worn in indoor settings has been repealed, and therefore, we will not be enforcing mask use at our store.  Mask wearing is now entirely optional.

BC has relaxed the laws with respect to mask wearing, why would I still have to wear one at Trowelex?

As we now shift towards life where we live with COVID-19, the Provincial Health Officer has repealed the order requiring masks to be worn indoors, however, businesses are regulated to help ensure the health, as well as safety of the workers in their employ.  As such, we may impose mask wearing in our store if it is determined necessary through rigorous risk analysis, and available data.  This then becomes a Health and Safety regulation that is no different than any other requirement for personal protective equipment.  For more information, please check WorkSafeBC for the latest info.

I have a medical condition that prevents me from wearing a mask, can I still be served?

We completely respect those that are not able to wear a mask due to legitimate medical issues, and will not deny service to anyone that is unable to wear a mask.  Commensurate with our Communicable Disease Plan, we may impose a mandate, and if that happens, we may have to serve clients unable to wear a mask curbside, or over the phone.  We thank you in advance for your cooperation, and consideration.

I want to rent equipment, but do not have a charge account.  What do I need to rent equipment from you?

If you want to rent from us, please be sure to have at the time of rental, a current photo ID card, and either a Mastercard, or Visa Card to use as security deposit.  You also must provide site location, if not at your residence.

I don’t have a credit card, can I still rent?

Yes, however, you will have to provide a cash deposit at the time of rental.  We can process cash, or debit.  Please contact us ahead of time to find out the deposit amount.

Do you accept American Express?

No.  Cash, Visa, Mastercard, and Interac Debit are the only forms of payment accepted.

I rented an item for a day, but was charged for 2, what’s up with that?

As noted on your contract, the duration of equipment use is taken into consideration with respect to rental charges assessed.  Some of our equipment is equipped with hourmeters.  Our standard day is based on a single 8 hour shift.  Once you exceed that first shift, you will be charged 1.5 the daily rate for use up to 16 hours, and charged double the daily rate for use 17 – 24 hours.

I have a rental, but cannot return the item due to extenuating circumstances, what can I do?

We can help with that.  We offer delivery and pickup services.  Call us for more information, or to schedule your pick up.

The item I rented is broken / does not work, and I did not damage it.  What can I do?

Call us immediately to report the failure.  You can then bring the item back for repair or replacement, depending on what the quickest solution is, and we will adjust your rental contract to not charge you for the down time.

The item I rented was stolen.  What do I do?  What is going to happen?

First thing is to contact the police and file a complaint.  Once you receive your file number, contact us to report the item stolen, and provide the police file number.  We will then work to find the most amicable solution.  Without a police file number, you will be charged for the replacement cost of the item(s) you rented.

I need to rent a Bobcat Loader or Manlift, but don’t have a training certificate.  Can I still rent the item?

No.  We require proof of competency training before the item will be released to your custody.  We do offer Manlift and Bobcat Loader and Excavator Training.  Please call in advance to book your course.

I need to get fit tested for a respirator.  Do I have to go through the training?

There is no simple answer.  If you never have worn a respirator, then the training is mandatory.  Experienced users are not required to be trained annually, however, they still must prove competency.  To simplify things, we incorporate training  with the fit testing.  The Administrator will customize the lesson based on the participant’s proficiency.  The training is a great opportunity for the participant to learn what is new, and to refresh their knowledge.  We realize that our competition does not include training in their program, however, this is what set’s us apart.  We believe in doing everything right, and live up to our motto of “Your Jobsite Problem Solvers”.  We are the only local source for a fully CSA compliant fit testing program.