Honda Power Equipment


The all new, Ultra-Quiet EU3200i Inverter Generator.  Building on the success of the EU2200i, and EU1000i, This compact generator delivers 3200 Watts of peak power*, with light portable design.  This unit also has Bluetooth capability, so you can remotely monitor the Generator, and control certain features.  Now in stock!  This is one of the best 3000W class generators on the Market!

Why Freight & P.D.I.?

Freight and P.D.I. (Pre-Delivery Inspection) are an integral part of your new Honda product purchase.  Honda feels it is important to disclose the total costs to the customer – exactly why we show the breakout of the P.D.I. and freight charges separately, rather than bundling them in with the sticker price. No assembly for you to worry about and your product is ready to use right away!

Key Features:

  • Assembled by trained technicians;
  • Products are fueled and all necessary fluids, oils and lubricants added;
  • Warranty registration on site;
  • Review of maintenance intervals and safety precautions;
  • Shipping materials and packaging properly discarded and / or recycled;
  • Tested and inspected by a trained technician;
  • Explanation or demonstration of features and operating procedures.

Trowelex Rentals is committed to providing excellent value.  Our Freight and P.D.I. charges are the lowest in our area (from $50 – $75)!  For more details, contact our sales team.