Respirator Fit Testing



Respiratory Protection Products and Accessories Available

In an effort to be compliant with CSA Z94.4-11 our respirator fit testing program has evolved to include training as well.  Participants can expect the process to take up to an hour where there is a short instructional video on respiratory safety, and then our administrator goes through proper donning, testing, use, doffing, cleaning and maintenance procedures.  Then the participant is fitted and goes through a 2 stage qualitative testing procedure.  Participants are also now required to bring and wear all PPE they will have when wearing a respirator on the job.  For more information on these changes, please contact us to speak to the program administrator.  Please note that large groups should book their sessions at least one week in advance, and each session has a maximum of 5 participants allowed.  Drop in’s are still welcome, however there is a price increase to cover the training.

We stock Honeywell North and Sperian respirators, as well, 3M brand half and full face respirators. We have a wide selection of filtres, cartridges, and combos for sale. Our fit testing and training program is recognized and accepted by all area employers, and WCB.

Please remember before your appointment to be clean shaven prior to the test.  Goatees, or beards are not permissible, as you will fail the test.  “Soul Patch” is fine.  Mustaches may be permitted if the hair does not interfere with the respirator seal.  If you have a Mustache, please pop by to review if it is acceptable or not.  Please refer to the guide below.  Facial Hair requirement applies to Male, Female, and Transgender individuals.mustache-02

Please note:  Trowelex no longer carries or deals with Supplied Air, or SCBA systems. Please contact ENVIRO SAFETY located in the Lower Mainland for rentals.