First Aid

Whether it is a small personal kit for hiking, to equipping an entire first aid station or ETV, Trowelex has all the First Aid equipment and supplies.  We also ensure all first aid products are current according to regulations.  We also have the supplies needed to bring your current kit up to standard.  Please call us for more information.

  • Personal Kits
  • Basic First Aid Kits
  • BC OFA Level 1 kits
  • BC OFA Level 2 Kits*
  • BC OFA Level 3 Kits*
  • OFA Refill Kits
  • First Aid Room Equipment and Supplies
  • ETV Equipment and Supplies.
  • OFA Kits for other Provincial jurisdictions available.

*-We can provide Oxygen equipment, however, you will have to fill the tanks at your preferred vendor.

Click here for Current BC OFA information