Portable Power

Electric    ir-g60-generator

We carry Generators from 1000W portables all the way up to 180kW skids!  We carry many towable units.  We have units that handle voltages 110VAC single phase up to 600VAC three phase.  It is always best to contact us to discuss your needs and to check scheduling and availability.


blackhawk-mobile-surveillance-systemWe also carry a variety of light towers that have available power, so you can light your area, and power your tools.  New this year, the Blackhawk MVS6, a towable light tower with a PTZ security camera that can be accessed and controlled wirelessly using your PC.  This unit can only be used locally, however, there is an available GSM module that can be purchased, so you can control and view this camera from anywhere in the world, provided Data is available.  Trowelex does not rent this module.  We can order this in, and you will have to take the device to your mobile provider to activate.  The MVS6 is hybrid, with on board solar array, and diesel engine.

Our lights are high quality MH or HPS lamps.  Please contact us to discuss your needs, and to check price and availability.

Pneumatic    port_aircomp11

From 185 to 1600 CFM, Trowelex carries a wide selection of towable compressors.

Ideal for:

  • Irrigation blowout
  • Sand Blasting
  • Rock / Concrete Demolition
  • Powering pneumatic tools.
  • Temporary / semi-permanent air supply for your plant or site.

We also carry a selection of portable compressors available in electric or gas engine powered.  Perfect for nailers, and other small pneumatic tools.

Contact us today to discuss your needs, and to check price and availability.

Welders    dx450-web-jpg

We carry a wide selection of welders, cables, and accessories. From small MIG welders to 400 amp+ arc welders, portable electric to diesel powered skids, contact us today to discuss your needs, and to check pricing and availability.